Saturday, 20 August 2016


Hello all gardeners, it has been a while since i last blogged and it was because  have not been to well and my disability had stopped me from doing most things . Any how i have been lucky to have had a good crop of tomatoes such as shirley -sweet million  and alicanti. To be honest with you  they grew better than i expected seeing that my wife and son were looking after them while i was in hospital for 4 weeks. I am afraid the runner beans were not to good at all because the slugs and snails took control so they were a disaster. Now as to the onions believe it or not they have come on wonderful and should have them about 4-5lbs in weight so i will not be complaining. I have said many times about the feeding of onions and i have not changed my routine now for many years and i still get good results and my way is very simple. first of all i only grow them out in the garden in pots and not in the green house. I do understand that you do have to put up with all the different elements  which can cause damage but that is what gardening is all about. The first thing i do when they are ready for the pots is to put polythene under the pot so that when they get watered it does not go straight into the ground and will always keep the soil-compost moist in other words they wont dry out. We now come to the feeding  system when the plants have been in there growing position for 2 weeks i start to feed them  lightly with seaweed extract once a week  for one month.  when the month is up i feed cempack no 2   every 3 weeks  but in between i give them  water from my horse manure tub. That about it for now but i will be back..       

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